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Grounds for Therapy

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Grounds for Therapy is an online teletherapy business with a simple concept: improving your mental health should be as effortless as getting a cup of coffee.


The "grounds" in Grounds for Therapy comes from the owner's obvious appreciation for coffee, but also connects to her love of nature. I was able to incorporate coffee, nature, and, of course, telehealth therapy, into a badge logo with horizoinal and square variants that are as dynamic as the brand. 

Grounds for Therapy_Badge Logo_FC.png
Grounds for Therapy_Square Logo_White.png
Grounds for Therapy_Horizontal Logo_White.png

Alternative logo layouts, for when badge does not fit or will lose detail if displayed in a small space

Grounds for Therapy_Logo Mockups_Page_2.jpg
Grounds for Therapy_Logo Mockups v2_Page_2.jpg
Grounds for Therapy_Logo Mockups_Page_1.jpg

Initial color, font, and layout studies

Journal Mockup.png
Signage Mockup.png
Coffee Cup Mockup.png
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